Will the food delivery boom soon go bust?

We read an interesting piece online last week asking whether the food delivery boom we saw over the past couple of years will soon turn into a bust. While the piece leaned towards an eventual bust, we have to disagree.

We think Buzz-it and other responsible food delivery apps will continue growing even now the world is opening up again.

The piece, on Grub Street, cited five reasons it thinks food delivery will falter. They said growth isn’t actually as explosive as we think, regulators are looking at stopping apps adding companies without consent, increasing rights for gig workers and delivery workers, the search for alternatives to the mainstream food delivery apps and a willingness by customers to order direct from food businesses.

It’s an American website so is aimed towards that market and the larger food delivery companies.

Will food delivery go bust?

The main premise within the article is aimed at huge food delivery apps. Those who count their users by the million. Yet some of the points are relevant to use at Buzz-it too.

The explosive growth element isn’t relevant to us as we have stuck to a much more reliable method of attracting users. That of being honest and upfront and not assuming food businesses will want to do business with us.

We do add businesses automatically to Buzz-it but we don’t activate them and pretend they are real listings like other apps. We do it so businesses can quickly get online with minimal setup.

We do not sell or promote delivery without your consent. Neither do we advertise your business until you have gone live and actively agreed to become a Buzz-it user.

The points around increased rights for gig and delivery workers is something we have agreed with all along. That’s why we don’t get involved in it. We leave it to our members to handle deliveries so they can offer more flexibility and value for money to their users rather than paying a centralised organization.

The search for alternative food delivery apps

The search for alternative food delivery apps is an interesting one. We all know that the main apps charge high fees for membership and take a cut of all orders. This, quite understandably has caused foods businesses to look elsewhere.

Buzz-it isn’t like that. We charge a tiny commission just to cover running costs and that’s it. No joining fees, no huge ongoing costs and no tie-ins whatsoever.

You are free to use, or not use Buzz-it as you see fit without any financial cost.

Ordering directly from food businesses is more problematic. Some businesses can cope with direct ordering while others prefer the organisation of apps.

So, do we think the food delivery boom will soon go bust? No, we don’t!

We do think business will slow as people return to eat-in dining but we think food delivery is here to stay. It’s convenient, offers too many cuisines, too much instant gratification and too much potential for it to go bust.

That’s why we think joining Buzz-it is a good idea whenever you do it!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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