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Why pubs and restaurants should use food ordering apps

If you haven’t taken advantage of the huge appetite for food ordering and delivery yet, what’s keeping you? If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that pubs and restaurants that can adapt can survive.

One way to do that is by using food ordering apps. Apps like Buzz-it.

Not only does Buzz-it allow you to use food delivery, it can also take takeaway orders and handle eat-in reservations too. All for free!

Here are some compelling reasons pubs and restaurants should use food ordering apps

If you’re still on the fence about food ordering apps, we have some real life benefits using them can offer pubs and restaurants.

They include:

Saves the menu mess

Do you have a drawer full of takeaway menus at home? We used to and we know plenty of people that still do. While printing is still a viable way to communicate, it is wasteful and can be expensive.

Every time you update your menu, it’s a new print run. Change your phone number or opening hours? A new print run.

You can avoid all that by going digital. A food ordering app is a single place you can share your menu that doesn’t require paper, doesn’t end up littering our streets and that you can change whenever you like and it’s updated immediately.

Go where your customers go

The reasons we go to trade fairs, local fetes or cater for local events is to go where our customers are. Food ordering apps are the same. Our customers use mobile, they use apps, they go online, so we need to go there too.

A website on its own is no longer enough. To attract the widest possible audience, you need to use the channels they use. That means apps, social media and digital channels.

A food ordering app achieves that.

Make ordering easy

Have you ever called a busy takeaway with an order only to wait forever for the phone to be answered and for them to get the order wrong? We have and we know that food ordering apps work around that.

Apps are exact. They don’t need answering. They record your order precisely and there is nothing lost in translation. Apps are an easy way to never disappoint your customer or offer poor service.

Just make sure food quality and delivery can keep up!

Simple reservations

The same benefits work for table reservations too. No more having to wait forever for the phone to be answered, no having to negotiate with staff over when to eat.

Apps that include eat-in reservations like Buzz-it does makes it quick, easy and painless to make table reservations. Anything that smooths the path to purchase or conversion is a good thing and that’s what happens here.

The easier you make it for a customer to buy, the more likely they are to do it. That’s simple commerce and something food ordering apps enable with ease.

We could go on about the many, many benefits of food ordering apps but we won’t. suffice to say we think apps like Buzz-it the best thing to happen to the food industry in a while.

Buzz-it doesn’t charge silly commissions or high fees, it doesn’t lock you into contracts and doesn’t take control of your listing either!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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