Why pubs and restaurants need food delivery apps

If the hospitality industry wasn’t up against it enough as it is, the prospect of a new year lockdown makes a grim picture even worse. It also makes the case for Buzz-it even stronger.

If you own a pub or restaurant and offer delivery or takeaway, you need Buzz-it.

Here’s why.

Go where the market is

The rise of apps in general and food ordering apps specifically has been huge. Millions of apps are downloaded every day and billions of people use them on a daily basis. It isn’t just Millennials either. People of all ages are using apps.

The food industry needs to embrace them too.

If your customers use them, you need to use them. If you could reach a potential market of millions, why wouldn’t you?

According to a US study, 83% of people look for a restaurant online before visiting. Of those people, half would order food from the website or the app. It isn’t difficult to believe the British public does anything differently.

People prefer ordering from the business

Some food apps act as an intermediary between the customer and the food business. This doesn’t go down particularly well apparently. Around 70% of people say they much prefer ordering directly with the restaurant or takeaway rather than through a third party.

We agree.

Allow people to experiment with food

Brits are now much more willing to experiment with cuisine and different tastes than at any time before. Another US study found that 79% of Millennials are willing to experiment. Again, we think there is no reason to think Brits would be any different.

Food deliveries are a low risk way to experiment. There is very little effort required from the customer and they can order a new dish alongside their favourites with no downsides.

Restaurants who feed this willingness to experiment could be onto a winner!

Take your food business further

Integrating Buzz-it with online ordering, Twitter food orders and other innovations helps spready the word and put your business in front of millions of new customers. All for a very low cost.

Buzz-it is free. Twitter food ordering can be free. Including food ordering on your website shouldn’t cost much. All combine to spread the word and give the impression of a modern, forward looking food business who wants to succeed.

Who wouldn’t want to engage with a company like that?

Food apps are not the end for pubs restaurants. They are an extra string to your bow. Apps are the future and like them or loathe them, it is the way the industry is going.

Your business will perform much better by working with apps than against them. Buzz-it can help!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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