Why every restaurant is suitable for food delivery

A few restaurants were slow off the mark in embracing food delivery over the past year or so. We talked to some of them and they considered their menu or type of service unsuitable for deliveries. Most of them came around to our way of thinking in the end though.

Buzz-it makes it as simple as possible to embrace food delivery apps while also supporting takeaway and eat-in dining. If you’re still unsure your restaurant can work with deliveries, think again!

Just follow some simple rules and any restaurant serving any cuisine can work with delivery.

Adapt the menu

Not all dishes travel well or will work with takeaway. Creating a specific delivery or takeaway menu can solve that. You don’t have to sell out your USP or your style of food, just adapt dishes you know and love so they can travel better.

That can mean reducing delicate ingredients, avoiding dishes that cannot be reheated, avoiding sculptured elements that could get damaged in transit and designing dishes that can be packed separately and then combined once delivered.

Have a bit of fun

A restaurant we know rebranded their food bags to include a little set of fun instructions on how to reconstruct a delivered meal like their chefs prepare it. Worded correctly, it can portray your restaurant’s values along with some practical instructions while also being light hearted.

You don’t have to do the same but having a little fun is a key way to increase engagement with brands.

Adapt your packaging

If you want to portray a certain image, having packaging that matches is an easy way to do it. Work with a packaging designer to come up with innovative ways to keep food safe, keep it warm and carry your branding.

If you can add a fun or light hearted element, all the better!

Many packaging suppliers have design services to help you come up with something that’s ideal for your needs. Those services can be completely free or come with a modest charge. It certainly isn’t as expensive as you might think!

Continue your brand

A lot of resistance to food deliveries came from upmarket or fine dining restaurants. Yet many embraced delivery in the end. The key is to carry on your brand values with the product.

That could be a higher quality package, a Spotify playlist with the type of music you play in the restaurant, a wine recommendation included with dishes or something else entirely.

It is definitely possible to use other devices suitable for delivery to continue your image without taking anything away from it.

Same values different method

There is no need to compromise your values when switching to food delivery. You can maintain the same high standards, communicate your core values and provide a standout experience for diners, even when they are at home.

All it takes is some thought, plenty of planning and flawless execution.

Oh, and Buzz-it of course!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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