When food delivery apps forget who the customer is

Back when food delivery apps were new, they would do everything they could to attract new customers and new restaurants to use them. They made everything easy, provided all the tools restaurants needed to set up on the app and kept commissions sensible.

As food delivery apps became more popular and more numerous, some of them seem to have forgotten who the customer is.

Who is your customer?

Food apps have two customers, the restaurant and the end user. However, they only make money out of the restaurant.

We say restaurant for simplicity but we obviously mean takeaways, pubs, food trucks and eateries of all kinds who use food delivery apps.

While no food delivery app would succeed without a user base willing to order food, it’s the restaurants that enable the whole system to work. Without delicious food and the variety of cuisines we make available, food delivery apps would have nothing to offer.

It’s about time they remembered that.

Like Buzz-it does.

Where food delivery apps are going wrong

There comes a point in the development of every company when they become so sure of their own importance that they forget why they are there in the first place.

This will usually be followed by a dip in customers and profit, a realisation of their mistake and a resurgence with a new customer-focused intent.

That has yet to happen with the mainstream food delivery apps.

They still charge extortionate commissions. They still charge joining fees and still charge for anything they possibly can.

Some apps have even been accused of adding arbitrary charges onto the monthly invoices sent to restaurants!

This has led to class action lawsuits in the US. A well known food delivery app is accused of charging restaurants unfairly each month and charging for interactions that are not real.

That’s not the only lawsuit faced by food delivery apps either. A food delivery app is also accused of adding restaurants without permission. A group of apps are also facing legal action over ‘exhorbitant’ fees.

These lawsuits may not go anywhere or have gone anywhere but they highlight the perceived injustices of these apps even if they aren’t real.

This is not how you treat customers.

Buzz-it is different

Buzz-it was designed by a restaurateur for other food businesses. We don’t charge exorbitant fees or commission. We don’t add fake transactions to your monthly bill either.

We may add you automatically to our system but we would never pretend you were real or signed up. It’s just to save you time.

If you want to use a food delivery app designed to make everyone happy, you know the app to try!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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