What is the future of food delivery?

Even though Buzz-it has only been around a little while, we have seen the industry change already. We have seen huge public support for food delivery. We have seen massive uptick in people using food ordering apps and people who wouldn’t normally enjoy a takeaway embrace food delivery.

So what’s next?

As it’s Christmas, let’s take a light hearted look at the potential future of food delivery.

Delivery by drone

Want your food fast without having to take for the driver to get through traffic? That could soon be a reality when delivery by drone becomes more mainstream. Domino’s has already been testing it and while there is no date for a UK launch, it is definitely on the cards.

Delivery by drone could be fun to watch, especially given our weather!

Delivery by automated car

Autonomous cars are on the rise and while full autonomy is a way off yet, there are already deliveries being made by robot cars. We don’t have long to wait before we can order food on Buzz-it and have it delivered by a fully autonomous car!

Amazon bought a company called Zoox this year with an eye for delivering their billions of parcels, and perhaps people. Food deliveries by autonomous vehicles may not be as far off as you might think.

Delivery by parachute

This idea is a little out there but delivery by parachute has already been tested in Melbourne, Australia. Called the Jafflechute, the device didn’t take off in its current form but other companies have apparently taken the idea further.

We’re not sure this is as viable as delivery by drone or by autonomous vehicle but it’s another option to consider.

Delivery by electric vehicle

Food deliveries by EV is far more current and much more likely to take off. More people than ever before are embracing green technology. That’s especially true for the target demographic of food apps and those most likely to use them.

As Britain has banned sales of new fossil fuelled cars, all cars will eventually go electric. Until then, a few pioneers are buying electric vehicles for everything from the school run to deliveries. Amazon has bought a fleet of them, other companies are also buying EVs.

Whenever range is not an issue, you can expect to see more and more deliveries made by EV.

Delivery by bicycle

Delivery by bicycle is already popular and already something most cities see regularly. We think the ultimate green vehicle will see more of a rise in popularity as it did this year.

New, cheaper bikes, better cycling infrastructure and (hopefully) more tolerance for bicycles on the road could lead to a genuine green revolution for food deliveries and society in general.

Whatever delivery methods are on the horizon, Buzz-it will help you support them all.

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

What do you think the future holds for food delivery? What vehicle do you think is next?

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