Use Buzz-it to support delivery drivers

We have all heard the stories of delivery drivers from some food delivery apps and their stories of woe. We have all seen the news of lawsuits trying to get employee rights and to stop certain app companies taking advantage.

We want that to stop and we want you to use Buzz-it to help stop it.

Some food apps do not treat their delivery staff very well at all. They don’t have many rights. They don’t have many perks and they generally don’t get paid very much either.

Buzz-it wants to change that.

Did you see the piece in the Times a while ago about food delivery app drivers ‘renting’ out their job to illegals? It’s just one of the mad schemes that plague such apps!

You can help change that kind of treatment by not using the mainstream apps known for such practices. Sign up to Buzz-it instead.

Food delivery using your own drivers

You can choose to use your own delivery drivers when you use many of the mainstream food ordering apps but they still support poor treatment of their own drivers.

Buzz-it doesn’t. We don’t have anything to do with drivers or how you run your business. We don’t interfere where we aren’t wanted and we don’t charge for every little thing.

In fact, we don’t charge commission at all!

So even if you didn’t join us to stop supporting companies who treat staff badly, it’s hard to argue with the numbers!

Buzz-it does do a lot for you, we don’t just leave you hanging.

Your food ordering app, your way

You can set up your restaurant profile in minutes. You can add, move and change your own menus at any time. You can change your working hours and areas in an instant.

All for free.

You do need to supply your own delivery drivers but that’s the whole point of this post.

In our experience, small food businesses treat their staff much better than some food app companies we could mention.

We also won’t list your business without your permission! We may harvest your data from public sources to help get you up and running faster but we would never, ever list you without your express permission.

Buzz-it was created by a restaurateur for other food businesses precisely because we didn’t like the way popular food apps work running things.

Their fees are too high, their flexibility not very flexible at all and we are just a number to them. That’s ignoring how they treat their own drivers.

Buzz-it is different. Join us to help make more of a difference!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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