Top menu design ideas for food delivery startups

If you’re planning to start a food delivery company, first, welcome! Second, getting your menu right is something you need to master. Both of this week’s blog posts are dedicated to help you get your menu right.

Menu design is something the Buzz-it team have some experience in, as we began in restaurants. So, we’re going to share some top tips for designing your menu for food delivery.

We hope they help!

Scannable menus

Do you know people read different depending on the medium they are using? We read a magazine completely differently than we read on screen so a menu needs to take that into account.

Web pages are built using the F-shaped pattern and your menu should do the same.

List dishes in order you would eat them but make sure to put your big earners at the top of each section. This is where part of that F-shaped pattern goes across the page instead of down.

Keep menus short, sentences brief for informative and have scannability on phones in mind.

Keep menus logical

Nothing puts people off ordering food delivery than a confusing menu. One element of that is layout.

The same as we use subheadings to divide sections of this blog post, you need to do the same with your menus.

Divide the menu into starters, main dishes, sides, desserts and drinks and then use submenus.

For example, starters – hot starters and cold starters. Mains – Meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan and specials.

You get the idea. Keep it simple and you’ll do fine.

Use clean fonts

There is an entire area of science built around font choice and we want to use some of that on your food delivery menu.

Choose fonts that fit your brand but make sure your menu is legible on all screen sizes and by people with vision issues.

Use sans serif fonts wherever possible as they are more legible on small screens. Check font size, spacing and colour too.

If you can, have someone with poor eyesight test your menu mockup to make sure you keep it accessible.

Avoid using food images wherever possible

Gordon Ramsay once famously said, ‘never go into a restaurant that has pictures of food on the menu’. He didn’t qualify why but it was said in a derogatory way.

We have to agree with the sentiment. While people seem to love to put food pics on Instagram, they should never feature on a menu.

It reminds people of fast food chains, it looks low rent and it gives customers something to complain about when the food they have delivered doesn’t look identical to the picture.

Include allergen information

Including allergen information is now mandatory for any food delivery menu. Don’t make a big deal about it but make sure there’s a code and key somewhere to tell customers exactly what’s in the food.

Include the usual suspects, nuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish and soy but you can include others if you like.

Join us Friday when we continue with menu design for food delivery startups.

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