Top menu design ideas for food delivery startups part 2

Today we continue our top tips for designing menus when you’re a food delivery startup. So far, we have covered scannability, layout, categorisation, fonts, images and allergens.

Today the Buzz-it team tackles some more tips for designing your menu.

Use a copywriter or creative text

If you shouldn’t use images in a food delivery menu, you have to use words to sell. Not everyone is able to use a few lines to create a need so we recommend using a copywriter.

Otherwise, use short, emotive descriptions to paint the picture of the dish and of a lifestyle.

Once written, edit your menu very carefully for typos and have someone else check it before sending to print and uploading to Buzz-it.

The last thing you want to do is give a poor impression of your business by missing an obvious spelling error!

Pull attention to high profit items

We mentioned the F-shaped pattern and listing your top earners at the top of menu sections, but you can also use other ways to grab attention.

Use bold fonts, use slightly larger fonts, use thin boxes or use stars or emojis to draw the eye towards high margin items.

Use every trick you can think of to highlight specific items in order to increase profits. While keeping it classy of course!

Don’t use £

Using the ‘£’ symbol focuses the eye and the mind on the cost of the dish and we don’t want that. Putting just a number beside it looks modern but also removed that reminder that it’s money and not an abstract number.

It’s a small thing but has proven particularly useful for some restaurateurs we know.

Empty space

Empty space, or white space, on a page is as important as text. Use it on your food delivery menu and everywhere you can.

White space gives the eye a second to rest and draws the eye towards the text. If you keep the design minimal and fonts friendly, your customer’s eyes go straight to your descriptions, helping you engage and convert.

White space is another of those almost-science elements of page design and is well worth familiarising yourself with.

Choose menu items carefully

Dishes that work perfectly well for table service won’t always work for food delivery. Keep your delivery menu short and sweet while offering a wide range of dishes.

This is probably the part of food delivery menu design that takes the most time. What to include and what not to include. Yet it’s also vitally important for your menu, customers and chances of success!

If in doubt, check out the competition to see what they are doing and copy that. It’s a good way to start even if you don’t stick with that menu for very long.

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