Three consumer habits to build into your food delivery business

If you’re setting up a food delivery business or are adapting to include delivery in your mix, monitoring consumer habits is essential. Tastes change faster than ever and not keeping up can mean being left behind.

As part of our campaign to keep you informed, Buzz-it monitors consumer habits constantly. That’s what today’s post is all about. Three recent habits you should be aware of when running a food delivery business.

Managing expectations

Consumers have always had high expectations but they have not always been so ready to voice their disappointment when you don’t meet them.

A classic case is food delivery times. If you say food will be with someone in 45 minutes, it had better be there in 45 minutes. Earlier is better but never much later.

Consumers have more channels to voice their displeasure than ever before and seem to be much more willing to do just that.

Recce your operating area. Time your journeys and build up a picture of how long a particular delivery to a particular area will take.

Low tolerance for mistakes

Despite increased forgiveness for many industries over the pandemic, food delivery doesn’t get much. Get an order wrong and you’ll know about it!

Whether that’s through a phone call, irate feedback to the driver or via social media, customers may be willing to forgive late deliveries from Amazon but they won’t forget you getting their order wrong.

Put a system in place to double check all orders before they leave. Perform a check yourself when packing or quality checking and then have someone else do it to make sure.

That could be the delivery driver or a member of staff. That second check should take just a few seconds but could save your reputation.

Sustainable food deliveries

Sustainability is a huge subject of conversation right now and for good reason. If you can fit it into your mix, all the better.

You don’t have to go overboard and buy a Prius for deliveries but there are some practical things you can do that don’t cost much at all.

Consider recycled or recyclable packaging, paper straws, recycled cutlery and minimising single use plastics as much as possible.

If you want to add posts about minimising food waste, sourcing local products and working with local producers, that can also strengthen your reputation with customers.

While these are fairly recent evolutions in customer habits, we think they will be here to stay. Sustainability, low tolerance for mistakes and managing expectations are all part of running a business anyway. In this new normal, each of them has to take much more of a priority and you need to make sure your customers know it!

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