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The many business benefits of food delivery apps

Food delivery apps have taken the food industry by storm. The speed at which they were developed, launched and accepted has caused some food businesses to be suspicious of them. There really is no need, if you choose the right food delivery app, it’s nothing but a positive experience.

It can also provide some significant business benefits!

That’s even more true when apps like Buzz-it lets you manage takeaway and eat-in dining too!

Benefits of food delivery apps

Food delivery apps are a growing market and one that became popular just in time for the pandemic. Fast forward a year and more people than ever before use such apps as part of their daily lives.

If your food business isn’t a part of that, you’re missing out!

Here are a few business benefits of using a food delivery app:

It’s what customers want

Customers want speed and they want convenience. Even before we were forced indoors, the idea of having restaurant-quality food delivered to our door was very attractive. It’s the ultimate in convenience!

Get the food to customers quickly and that builds on the convenience factor.

Reach new markets

The old ways of walking down the high street and into a restaurant are long gone. Not only are many restaurants no longer on the high street, many are booked long in advance.

Being present on an app that people use can supplement your website, blog, social media and other business listings. You’re present on another channel your local market uses. That’s a powerful way to reach new customers.

Busy businesses are happy businesses

Many food businesses will have quiet times midweek or during the day where nothing much happens. You can add a new revenue stream to those times with a food delivery app.

Offer lunches, cater offices, offer specials for midweek orders. These combine with the convenience factor outlined above to offer customers more reasons to order.

This point alone could be the difference between making a success of your business and not!

They work

The final, and perhaps most important benefit of food deliver apps are that they work. They do draw in new customers, they do engage a wider audience, they do offer convenience and speed and they do deliver what customers want.

Your main task is to choose the right food delivery app.

Do you elect for a well-known app with international coverage that can charge up to 30% commission? Or do you go for a British app made by a British restaurateur who charges zero commission while offering many of the same benefits?

We know which we would choose!

There aren’t many business solutions that offer all the upsides of a competitor with none of the downsides. Buzz-it is one solution. A food delivery app that keeps you in control of your own listing while not taking anything away.

Try it today and see what you think!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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