Support Local Businesses at Christmas

Support local businesses at Christmas

Christmas is usually a very lucrative time for the leisure and hospitality industries. We tend to make enough over this period to see us through the quiet new year into Easter. This year is different and no local business is going to be earning like that this year.

We can all help our communities help support us by using Buzz-it.

Goodwill to all

Lots of businesses have professed surprise and delight at the goodwill shown by locals to help support them. It’s like the Blitz spirit all over again and people in many towns and cities are helping to support local businesses.

Restaurants, pubs, takeaways and other food outlets can take advantage of that with Buzz-it.

Buzz-it is a food ordering app with a difference. It’s free to join and use. It helps manage all your food ordering and includes tableside ordering. While nobody is able to use that feature right now, lots of food businesses are using the takeaway and delivery side of the app.

You should too.

Look only at the many articles on helping local businesses survive lockdown and you will see ‘Order a takeaway or delivery’. Even if people wouldn’t usually order food from outside, everyone is being encouraged to do it even once to help local businesses survive.

One way your local community can find and help you is with Buzz-it.

Buzz-it food ordering app

The easier and more convenient you can make food ordering, the more likely people are to use it. That’s the entire concept behind the design of Buzz-it. To make it as simple as possible for your customers to use and for you as the business to manage.

We think we got it spot on.

Buzz-it is free to join, is available for Android and iOS and is intuitive to use for both you and your customers.

Make the most of the Christmas spirit

It makes great business sense to leverage the Christmas spirit and the goodwill being sent our way through public support. One way to leverage that is to use Buzz-it.

Make sure your business appears where your customers are likely to be and you’ll quickly become a viable option for them to support.

Deliver great food and great value and between us, we can survive anything!

Buzz-it does not charge joining fees. It does not charge exorbitant percentages per order. It does not have a huge list of rules you need to follow. It’s a simple, easy to use food ordering app designed by a food business for other food businesses.

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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