Social media post ideas for food delivery businesses

As Buzz-it has been covering marketing and social media for food delivery businesses recently, we thought we would build on that and provide some effective post ideas you could use.

Our own social media team has a range of tools available for maximising social media reach. We want you to have the same advantages we do, so we asked the team to provide some fast, simple social media post ideas you can use to promote your business.

Here’s what they came up with.

Highlight your sustainability

Leading on from Wednesday’s post around consumer habits, we mentioned making sure you let customers know you’re playing your part. So, it makes sense that our first post suggestion is built around that.

Whatever measures you’re taking to build in sustainability, post about it. That could be an Insta image of your new biodegradable packaging, a Tweet about a partnership with a local artisan producer or a Facebook post about a deal you struck with a food bank or local farmer.

Whatever sustainability news you have to share, make sure to share it.

Behind the scenes

Social media marketing is about telling stories. Part of storytelling is getting to know the main characters, which is where behind the scenes comes in.

Whether it’s an interview with your chef, pictures of your kitchen or prep areas, a TikTok video of your team’s chopping skills or something else entirely, use behind the scenes to build relationships through stories.

Showcase signatures and specials

We all love a bit of food porn and nothing tickles that fancy like some well composed images of signature dishes or daily specials.

Use a quality camera, make sure the lighting is good, spend some time composing the shot and then make the dish look as good as it possibly can.

Publish on image-based social networks like Pinterest or Instagram to highlight the dish and create some buzz. Do it at the same time you add the dish to Buzz-it to capitalise on the effect.

Videos of the kitchen

Does a chef have a specialist skill? Do you make cakes or produce food that would look good in a video? If so, use it.

You could shoot a short video showing how to cook a curry from base ingredients, how fast your chef can build a burger, how your team decorates cupcakes or something else.

Whatever your cuisine, there will be some element within its preparation that will work on video. Watch your team, identify what could be made into a video and go with that.

Show it on TikTok, Facebook Live, Instagram Live or wherever you like.

Run polls or competitions

Polls and competitions are social media marketing gold. People love being involved in something and to have their say. If you can combine the two with a poll, you’re onto a winner.

Consider running a poll on potential new dishes, new branding, whether to promote someone or use new packaging or whatever you like.

Competitions are another powerful marketing tool. You can run competitions for anything and everything. Make sure it’s relevant to your cuisine or offering and go from there!

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