Room Service App

Room Service App

Room Service App Basics

The Buzz-it Room Service App is available totally free to hotels offering room service to guests. It’s easy to sign up and our dedicated support team is on hand to help every step of the way. A hotel room service app will help your establishment stand out from the crowd. It can also give your guests that 5 star hotel treatment and increase revenue. Guests can order room service on their smartphone in just a few steps. Simply choosing a room number, select items from the room service menu and pay quickly & securely. Orders can be received on your free virtual terminal or the Buzz-it terminal. You can located the terminal in the hotel kitchen or behind reception for you to accept and manage orders.

Room Service Background

For decades, whenever hotel guests required room service, they would have to call reception, who would then get in touch with the kitchen and have staff bring in the guests’ order. This mode of service isn’t only outdated but consumer behaviours have changed significantly.

Buzz-it is here to upgrade your guests’ experience through the provision of a smart room service app. This app addresses common issues faced in the hotel industry such as delayed room service, miscommunication between guests, receptionists, and kitchen staff, and the inability of guests to share their problems with management during their stay.

How Buzz-it can Upgrade a Guests Experience and Benefit a Hotel


Taking Room Service to the Next Level

Gone are the days when guests had to reach for a bedside phone to order breakfast in bed or dinner. Buzz-it brings room service to the palms of hotel guests thus allowing you to give them a 5-star treatment. With this room service app, your clients will be able to order and pay for anything on your room service menu. Instead of explaining to receptionists what they would like in their breakfast, they can place an order via the app.

An Opportunity to Exceed your Visitors Expectations

The hotel industry is becoming quite competitive at all levels. With Buzz-it integrated into your hotel services, you will outshine your competitors immensely. This is because when visitors book a stay, they can easily access your room service menu from their smartphones. Place orders in a most convenient way and have the order delivered to their room.

Guaranteed Extra Revenue

We have all been there. You are on the phone with a receptionist, 5 minutes later you still haven’t made an order because he/she is still explaining what’s on their menu. Buzz-it allows you to create an impressive virtual room service menu. In it, you can add special meals of the days, drinks and foods that are on discount that week, and anything else that a guest may need to know.

With this information made available to a visitor, it will be easier for them to choose what they want. If your catalogue is persuasive and appealing enough, they may be convinced to try out your special meals or desserts. And on your end, that means more sales and more profits.

The Hotel Staff Can Accomplish More

Boosting staff productivity is a key factor in bettering service delivery and increasing revenue. Buzz-it can significantly improve hotel staff efficiency by streamlining the ordering and delivery process. With a buzz-it terminal installed at the reception and kitchen, hotel staff can easily receive orders and work towards delivering orders. Therefore, in your hotel, missed calls at the receptions or mixed up orders will be a thing of the past.

Gives You More insight about Your Guests

The better you treat your guests the more loyal they will be to your hotel. They can even give recommendations. But, how can you treat your hotel guests better if you don’t understand their behaviours or patterns.

Buzz-it isn’t an ordinary smart room service app, it also allows you to collect guest data and use that information to make smart decisions. For example, you have realised that guests in room 43 love bacon every morning. How about giving them a breakfast discount if they still order the same thing? These little acts will turn you into their favourite host.

Room Service Summary

As you can see from above, it is vital for you to change your room service approach. As a smart hotelier, a smart room service app like Buzz-it can greatly improve your guests’ experience and boost turnover. With so many features to take advantage of, get buzz-it today to enhance your room service. At least 93% of your hotel guests will own a smartphone, this implies that more than three-quarters of this number will prefer to prioritise a hotel with a room service app.

Points to Remember

  • Room service generates extra revenue for your hotel
  • Select times that guests can order room service
  • Room service apps give guests that 5 star treatment feeling
  • Tastefully designed room service POS supplied by Buzz-it
  • Accepting room service orders via Buzz-it is free
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