Reasons to keep food deliveries even when your business can reopen

The roadmap to reopening here in England is moving as planned with the April 12th step having gone down very well. Pubs, restaurants and cafes with outside spaces can now serve food and drink while May 19th is when diners can begin eating indoors.

When you can welcome diners into your venue again, will you retain takeaway and delivery or go back to the way things were? We at Buzz-it think every business that can realistically maintain a dining room and delivery or takeaway should do so.

Here’s why.

It’s what customers want

The delivery revolution was underway long before the pandemic. It’s all part of the on-demand culture we are moving gradually into. Car leases, Netflix, iTunes, Google Stadia and other platforms were all feeding the product as a service culture.

Food is much the same. People are increasingly looking for food on demand and Buzz-it delivers. Tap the app, choose your dishes, tap to pay and food arrives.

It feeds directly into the way society is moving, especially with younger customers.

Any food business that doesn’t cater for delivery or takeaway risks alienating and entire generation of diners!

It’s what customers are used to

The last year has shown everyone how useful food delivery and takeaway can be. Even those audiences traditionally reluctant to adopt new technologies are increasingly using food ordering apps.

We have had over a year to create an ingrained and familiar habit of ordering food for delivery to our door. Some will leave it behind when normal life resumes but not everyone will.

Those that do embrace the outside world again will most likely combine food deliveries and eating out. It’s too convenient not to!

It offers too many business benefits

Embracing delivery and takeaway can help fill empty weekdays when businesses are traditionally quiet. It can also provide repeat trade for lunches and daytime dining too.

As investment in delivery infrastructure is minimal, it’s mainly extra profit for the food business. Given how challenging the rest of the food industry is right now, any extra profit has to be welcome!

It’s an easy win

If you adapted to survive the pandemic, you will likely already have everything in place for food deliveries and takeaways. You may even have hired a driver, bought packaging, designed a takeaway menu and set aside a specific area in the kitchen to expedite orders.

Why let all that go to waste by going back to the old ways? If your kitchen can handle a full sitting with delivery prep area set aside, why wouldn’t you continue spreading your reach by offering three channels to customers?

There aren’t many situations in business where there are so few downsides but if you’re already on Buzz-it or other food ordering apps, why not continue giving customers what they want? We certainly are!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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