Optimising your business for delivery and takeaway

If you’re making the move into delivery and takeaway in 2021, you’re not alone. Despite a surge during last year, many pubs and restaurants have been hesitant to invest when income was anything but guaranteed.

That seems to be changing, in part thanks to food ordering apps like Buzz-it.

We have learned a lot from our partner businesses over the past few months. If you’re thinking about adding takeaway or delivery to your menu, here are some top tips for making it work.

Optimise your menu for transport

Not all cuisines travel well and there are many dishes that definitely don’t. That will need to change. Whether you set up a specific takeaway and delivery menu or adjust your main menu, you will need to adapt to this new way of working.

Whether that’s reducing the number of dishes to make life easier for your chef or thinking about packaging for sauces and main meals, make sure your menu will travel well.

Consider adding family meals

It isn’t just singles and couples using food delivery apps. It’s families too. Adding a family meal to your menu could make a huge difference to uptake. Include family staples that can feed an average family, include drink and dessert and you could encourage much more family business than you do right now.

Don’t forget meal kits

The meal kit market is growing exponentially. You may like to consider adding meal kits to your menu for delivery or takeaway. Include an instruction booklet, create simple how-to cook videos and link to them and include all the ingredients you need.

It’s a very simple but very lucrative market to get into and kits can be prepared ahead of service to make life a little easier on staff.

Test your packaging thoroughly

Trying to combine ethics and practicality in your food packaging is essential but something you’re going to have to test. Your packaging needs to be sturdy, prevent leakage or cross contamination and travel well. All while delivering on the public appetite for being responsible.

We recommend testing a few packaging options thoroughly before committing. Prepare a full menu meal, drive or bike it around the block a few times and make sure the food remains attractive and edible.

Combine social in your usual marketing mix

Use Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook when marketing your delivery and takeaway. Show images of the packaging, the food, the delivery driver, the actual deliver (with customer consent) and tell the story of how deliveries and takeaways are safe, contactless and helping to keep you in business.

People are buying into responsible purchasing and by sharing your story on how takeaway and delivery are keeping your business afloat, producers in business and staff in jobs, will resonate with your customers and hopefully increase trade.

Make sure to use Buzz-it

Finally, make sure to use Buzz-it when setting up delivery and takeaway. It’s free, charges no fees or commission and yet does all the things other delivery apps do.

Adding another food ordering app to your repertoire can only help increase visibility and if it doesn’t cost anything to use, why wouldn’t you use it?

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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