Mistakes to avoid when starting a food delivery business part 2

Last week we covered some common mistakes new food delivery businesses make. We covered food quality, order errors, poor customer service and inaccurate delivery times.

Arguably the most important errors any business can make, but not the only ones.

Here are other errors the Buzz-it team come across that can impact how successful a business might be.


Of all the mistakes a food business can make, pricing is one of the most difficult to manage. Price too low and you’ll be working hard for no money. Price too high and you’ll be sitting around wondering why nobody is ordering from you.

People will pay for quality but they will not pay for mediocrity.

Pricing requires research. You need to see what’s available in your area, how much your competitors charge for similar items and factor in your costs.

If you can undercut a competitor, that’s okay if you’re just starting out but it’s a race to the bottom. Undercutting should be avoided once you’re established and you should concentrate on offering better or more instead.


Not being able to add or remove elements from a dish or mix and match is a common complaint from Buzz-it users.

This is another mistake that requires balance. You should ideally offer some flexibility but not so much that it makes it difficult to manage menus, ingredients and orders.

You could offer mix and match elements for some dishes but not others. Add a selection of sides to complement dishes or a variety of toppings or salad types for some too.

That way, you’re offering flexibility and the ability to customise a menu without tying yourself to offering every possible menu combination.

Not including allergy information

Allergy information is vital for any food delivery business. Some allergies are harmless and just result in some discomfort. Other allergies can be genuinely life threatening, like nut allergies.

Include some allergy information on your menu but refer customers to your website for more in-depth information. Create a specific allergy page on your site and outline every allergen included in every dish.

You are much better off including too much information than not enough, especially when it comes to allergies!

Hygiene standards

It can be tempting to not enforce high hygiene standards when nobody sees your kitchen but that’s a mistake.

Pests, insects and bacteria don’t care whether you’re running a ghost kitchen, food delivery business from home or a Michelin starred restaurant.

Hygiene is everything. We have seen and heard of dozens of restaurants and food businesses that closed because of food poisoning or were closed down by Environmental Health.

Don’t be one of them.

There are lots more ways a business can sabotage its own success but those are the more common, and more serious ones. We hope they help focus your mind on what not to do!

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