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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get more info on adding a business to our free ordering app if you Click Here

That depends on how many outlets you have, if you send all the required information you can be up and running in just a couple of days! Click Here to get the ball rolling.


There are no joining fees, no monthly fees and 0% commission for table ordering and room service. No if’s, buts or catches. We only have one paid option to buy the terminal in order to receive and manage orders. This option is given to you at sign up. 

Yes, unlike other sites you have control on your menu you can add, remove and amend all items in real time. Just log into your admin panel to make changes. 

Here at Buzz-it we are busy adding new businesses daily, however if there is one you would like us to focus on please email their name, full address and website and/or phone number to

We provide window stickers, drink mats, leaflets and posters for advertising, you can also add a link to your website or facebook page that takes the customer directly to your menu on Buzz-it. We also offer an outlet resources page which will help you out. 

Buzz-it does a lot of the same things other ordering platforms do but we like to think we do them better and in a more transparent manner. We enable table ordering, collection and delivery via the app and website. You can change your menu on the fly, make any changes to opening hours and prices. It’s your outlet, your listing and therefore you are in control.

All you need is a laptop or desktop computer to log in to accept and manage incoming orders. We also offer hand held or desktop buzz-it ordering devices for speed and convenience from the Buzz-it shop

Customers place orders via the app or website and you will be notified in your virtual terminal or through a Buzz-it ordering terminal if you have one. The method of ordering doesn’t matter, all orders will be sent to you in real time. Simply check it, acknowledge it and prepare their order.

Buzz-it uses Stripe to handle all payments and pays out directly to the outlet. We integrate Stripe into your outlet profile for you when you sign up. Outlets must pay the small Stripe card processing fees they deduct before they send your payments. Outlets receive weekly payout from Stripe.

You can choose which option you want, but with how COVID-19 has affected the hospitality industry, delivery is one of the most popular choices in retaining contact-free business. 

Log into your Buzz-it account, find the transaction and you are able to initiate a partial or full refund. 

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