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How to promote Buzz-it to your customers

If you signed up to Buzz-it, you want people to know right? Many customers will find you when looking for local food businesses in their area but that’s not enough. We want to take more proactive measures to get the word out.

But how?

Buzz-it can help.

Buzz-it promotional materials

Not only does Buzz-it offer the ultimate food ordering app, we can also help you promote the fact you’re part of the family.

We provide resources for outlets:

  • Window Stickers
  • Beer Mats
  • Leaflets and Posters for onsite advertising
  • Table Talkers
  • The Buzz-it QR code to share it everywhere

You can also use other marketing channels to advertise your Buzz-it membership to help raise awareness.

Here are just a few ways you can do that.

Share the logo and link on your social channels

Nothing comes close to the power of social when it comes to marketing and making conversation. Adding a few posts over time advertising your presence on Buzz-it will help get the word out.

Share the logo, share the link and let your followers do the promotion for you.

Mention it on your blog

Blogs just like this one goes a long way to spreading the word and sharing the news. Write a blog post about your membership, share your experience or tell a story, it will all help advertise the fact your customers have another way to order from you.

User generated content

If you have feedback from customers about how efficient Buzz-it is or how pleasurable their experience was, share it. Create a blog post, add a social mention or add it to your website.

We all love good news and reviews have tremendous power over our purchasing decisions. Using feedback or reviews is a very powerful inducement. One you could leverage for your business benefit.

Add the logo to your website and marketing material

Buzz-it provides window stickers, leaflets and posters to help you promote your membership. You can also use our logo to promote your presence on Buzz-it on your website or on social.

The usual rules apply for fair use and so on but we don’t mind you using our logo to promote. After all, we will both benefit from it!

Add links to email marketing

If you use email outreach, mentioning you’re part of Buzz-it will help spread the word to qualified leads. This should deliver a boost to uptake very quickly indeed!

Featuring on Buzz-it will expose your food business to more customers than before but being proactive in your marketing will also help. In these challenging times, we all have to take every opportunity we can to survive and thrive and Buzz-it is happy to be a part of that!

Do you have any ideas how to promote Buzz-it membership? Share them below if you do!

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