How to optimise images for food delivery apps

‘A picture paints a thousand words’. With apps like Instagram and Snapchat dominating social, this is the era of the image. They are a powerful inducement you can use to encourage people to order and work well with food delivery apps.

If you’re a chef and not a photographer, how can you optimize your images so they appeal? How can you make your Buzz-it menu look mouth-wateringly delicious?

See them as the audience does

When setting up for a shoot, look at the dish not as its creator but as your audience would likely see it.

Does it look appetising? Are you showing it in its best light? Does it paint a picture of your business or of your menu? A good food image should so all those things.

Never make a promise you cannot deliver

We’re sure you have looked at the menu in a burger restaurant, saw the tall, statuesque burger in the picture only to be disappointed when a squashed, limp thing arrives on the plate.

Don’t do this. If you promise a beautiful, multi-tiered cake in an image, make sure you can deliver it on the place.

Never mislead the audience. It’s something they will never forgive and a very easy thing to avoid.

Consider composition

Look at how and where the dish appears in the shot. Consider placing it front and centre, or on one side. Accompany it with plates, forks or other decorations or leave it in shot on its own.

Experiment a little and take as many shots as you need until you’re happy.

Use a camera stand

You don’t need to spend thousands on a top quality camera but you should spend a little on a camera stand. You can buy them cheap and you can get ones for camera phones as well as cameras.

They make a huge difference to image quality as it removes the need for stabilisation. Many are flexible enough to be set at the perfect angle and take the perfect shot too.

Lights, camera, action

Lighting is an incredibly important part of food photography. The quality and quantity of lighting depends on the look you’re going for.

Upmarket dishes can work with lower lighting while mainstream dishes should be well lit. Play around with directional lighting, natural light, tinted light and whatever you have to hand.

Just try to avoid using the flash whenever possible.

Respectful editing

Image editing can take an ordinary image and turn it into something sensational. Just don’t go overboard and remember to never make a promise you cannot keep.

You can edit the colour, tone, sharpness, brightness, add effects, change the colour saturation and lots more. In fact, you could probably spend more time and effort editing than on taking the image in the first place!

Then, when you’re ready, add the image to your menu and upload it to Buzz-it.

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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