How to offer food delivery the right way

We have seen hundreds of food business start over lockdown and have welcomed a good portion of them to Buzz-it. The majority of them have arrived and got everything right. A few, not so much.

As we want everyone who joins Buzz-it to do well, we have put together a few tips to help your delivery service become a roaring success.

Setting boundaries

Setting the delivery boundaries for your area is tough but necessary. You need to make the area large enough to include as many potential customers as possible but not so large that deliveries will take forever.

You have to balance time to deliver with the quality of the food with potential traffic issues, efficiency of drivers and routes and the need for multiple drivers to cover orders in a timely fashion.

It’s better to start small and expand than overreach and deliver cold or soggy food!

Invest in your packaging

There is a huge variety in the quality and type of food packaging and buying the cheapest possible won’t always deliver what you want.

Consider sustainability, colour, branding, practicality and its ability to keep food warm and in good condition during delivery.

Sustainability is a huge topic and something customers can be passionate about. The colour and branding of your packaging can make a huge difference to how your delivery service is perceived.

The packaging’s ability to keep food warm, keep dish elements separate and protect the food during transit should never be underestimated either.

Invest in driver training

How many times have you ordered food only for it to be delivered by a surly driver or a driver with hardly any English? This is not going to do your business any good.

For may home deliveries, the delivery driver will be the first interaction they have had with your business. You want that to be a positive interaction, so a little driver training may be necessary.

Train them to deliver with a smile, to offer excellent customer service, to hurry without seeming rushed and to learn some English.

Without wanting to offend anyone or reaching into the realms of xenophobia, speaking basic English should be a prerequisite of anyone working with customers.

Treat delivery as you would eating in

Food delivery can sometimes be treated as the poor cousin to the dining room, but it really shouldn’t be.

The food needs to be of the same standard. Service needs to be of the same standard. It needs to be delivered hot, on time and looking amazing.

Just because you don’t see the customer, the customer certainly sees you. They see it in the packaging, the presentation, the attitude of the driver and in the quality of the food.

If you treat it as anything less than eat-in dining, you’re selling those customers short and won’t be delivering food for long!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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