Growing your food delivery business in a crowded marketplace

Food delivery is a growing industry but it’s also a very competitive one. There are thousands of other producers out there all vying for a finite market. That means you have to be clever with how you compete.

The Buzz-it team has a few ideas that might help.

We have put together a few quick tips that you can use to help promote your food delivery business and stand out from the crowd.

Share your origin story

People love a good story. Whether that’s the story of how you learned to cook or why you learned to cook, why and how you started your own business or even how you learned a particular dish.

If a dish has a particularly interesting history, you can share that too.

Share your stories on social, write blog posts about them and share them wherever you can for maximum exposure.

Use reviews

Love them or hate them, reviews are here to stay. Consumers use them for everything, from deciding what car to buy to what brand of baked beans to use for dinner.

As a service business, you need to make your peace with reviews and embrace them. Make sure you’re present on all major review platforms and make sure you respond quickly and professionally to all reviews, especially the negative ones!

Then feature reviews on your website and feature glowing reviews on social to widen their reach.

Leverage influencers

If you have food bloggers or food influencers in your operating area, using them to promote your business is a good way to spend a free meal. Most will respond positively to an approach from a new business and few will turn down a free meal.

Research those in your area, check that at least some of their followers are in your area (the influencer should be able to tell you that) and get them on board.

Offer a free meal in return for a mention and a pic of them with your dish and let them work their magic.

Focus on quality over growth

To begin with, we recommend pouring all your energy into food and service quality over growth. While it may be tempting to expand your menu, widen your delivery area or open a new venue, unless you have quality nailed, it’s a waste of time.

Quality is everything in food so unless you’re delivering perfect food every time and are receiving glowing reviews, never lose sight of it.

Listen to your audience

Read your social networks, listen to feedback and respond to it. If something isn’t working, change it. If a dish isn’t selling, replace it. If there are changes or improvements to be made, make them.

If you can tune your food delivery business to your customer’s needs, you stand a far higher chance of success and that’s what we all want!

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