Growing a social media presence for your food business

We spoke earlier this week about ways to market your food business and mentioned social media. As one of the cheapest, most accessible and most effective ways to market a business, we thought we would spend a little more time on the subject.

Using Buzz-it alongside a coherent social media marketing campaign can genuinely transform your business, for very little money. That’s why it’s so popular!

That popularity does mean you have to approach social media marketing carefully for it to be effective though. Which is the purpose of this post.

Choose the right platform

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t just set up an account on the most popular social networks and push out content. Instead, you choose one or two social networks where your target market hangs out and concentrate on those.

If you have time later, you can expand to other networks.

Facebook is great for conversations and flexibility. Twitter is great for immediacy and for general engagement. TikTok is ideal if you can produce good video content. Instagram is for image-based audiences and Snapchat is for younger users who love to share.

Always seek to engage

Posting random pictures of dishes or your kitchen isn’t enough on their own. You need to work hard to attract and engage a modern audience.

That means using quizzes, giveaways, competitions, rewards, discounts, polls and other tricks to encourage people to engage with your content.

All those techniques can be very effective at generating interest and building a following.

Be authentic

Most of us are tired of copy and pasted corporate messages that mean or offer nothing. We all want genuine conversations with real people about real subjects.

Being authentic is tough but it’s the only way to build long-lasting relationships along with trust.

Be honest, be straightforward and let your audience into as much of your work life as possible. Finally, never, ever, lie or seek to deceive, as the internet never forgets!

Mix your messages

All successful social media marketing campaigns use a mixture of messages. You can promote your takeaway or food delivery on one day as long as you do something different the next.

Post behind the scenes stories, those polls and quizzes, promote your membership of Buzz-it, images of signature dishes, videos and whatever you like. Just make sure you mix it up so your audience doesn’t get complacent or know exactly what to expect.

A hungry audience is an engaged audience!

Do it well or don’t do it

Our final piece of advice is to do your social media marketing well or don’t do it at all.

Make a plan for the next 3 months. Plan what you will post each day, line up some messages, take some pictures and build as much of your schedule as possible ahead of time.

Some platforms allow you to schedule posts for the future. Some third-party social media tools also let you plan ahead.

If you don’t have time or don’t know how to engage, hire someone who does. Hire a freelancer, a gig worker or a dedicated social media marketing agency. Whatever your ambition and your budget allows.

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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