Essential features any food delivery app needs to succeed

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of food delivery apps out there all vying for your attention. But which should you use? While we are obviously biased, we think Buzz-it is an obvious choice. But what should your food delivery app include to make it worth using?

We think a food delivery app needs:

  1. A usable interface
  2. Simple dashboard for food businesses
  3. Clear menu sections
  4. Offers delivery and takeaway
  5. Accessible design

A usable interface

A successful app needs to be easy to use for both businesses listing their food delivery services and for end users. Every level of added complication reduces the number of potential users, so simplicity is key.

That simplicity has to be balanced by offering all the features you expect from a food delivery app.

That’s where skilled UI and app design comes in. Anyone who has used an app recently knows that not every app gets the interface right!

Simple dashboard for food businesses

Most food businesses have enough on their plate already without having to waste time managing apps. The more processes you can automate or avoid altogether, the better.

We think the Buzz-it provides an intuitive dashboard where you can set up your business quickly, set up service areas, upload menus and manage your listing.

Food orders are also clearly displayed and it’s easy to track customer orders throughout the process.

Clear menu sections

The menu area is arguably the most important part of any food-related app. When the app deals in delivery, where you don’t see the restaurant and don’t see the full menu, it’s even more important.

The ability for menus to be clearly visible to users helps food ordering. The ability for the food business to update or change menus as required helps that business respond to seasons, ingredient availability and keep things interesting for customers.

Offers delivery and takeaway

Food delivery is only one aspect of apps like Buzz-it. Our app also enables takeaway orders and room service too!

Allowing takeaway orders to be processed adds another element to the app. Not all food delivery apps can handle takeaways and considering how many takeaways there are in the UK, we think that’s a mistake.

What is more unique to Buzz-it is room service. The app can handle room service orders, which is even more unusual. It could be ideal for small hotels, large hotel chains or hotel guests who don’t want room service from within the hotel.

Accessible design

Any app that is destined to succeed needs to be as inclusive as possible. That means offering multiple ways to view, being able to be magnified or expanded on a phone and include as many types of users as it can.

There are limitations because of the medium, but Buzz-it has been designed to be clean, clear and easy to read by people of all abilities. There is still work to do though!

If you’re looking for a food delivery app that delivers more, consider Buzz-it. It’s the only app that makes sense!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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