Don’t forget, Buzz-it supports eat in dining as well as food delivery!

Buzz-it is different than many food delivery apps because it also supports takeaway and eat-in dining. That’s that final element that we want to remind you of today.

May 17th 2021 was a big day in England. It was the day that food businesses across the country could open their doors and allow dining indoors. After over a year of lockdown and the off and on again closing of businesses, we were finally able to welcome diners indoors again.

Pubs, restaurants, bistros, cafes and anywhere that serves food opened. And people flocked to them.

So now is the perfect time to remind you all that Buzz-it supports eat-in dining too.

Buzz-it and eat-in dining

Buzz-it was designed to be the perfect alternative to the main food delivery apps. It supports food delivery, takeaway and eat-in dining. It covers every part of the food industry to provide business owners as much scope as possible to cater to their market.

It’s eat-in dining that we want to highlight today.

Buzz-it business users can accept tableside ordering from the app in exactly the same way they accept takeaway or delivery orders.

The app makes it easy for diners to check the menu, order food and pay. All contactlessly and reliably from within the app. It’s a safe, hygienic way to order food without compromising on ease of use.

This could be ideal for food businesses getting back to business as it frees up waiting staff for other duties, minimises table contact for hygiene and safety and ensures you still get paid.

As long as you work to maintain contact with customers and make them feel part of the experience, it shouldn’t have a detrimental effect on diners at all!

Offering eat-in dining

As you’re opening your doors, promote contactless ordering, make sure diners know they can use the app to order food while sitting at the table and let them know the safety benefits of doing it.

Advertise and promote this as far afield as you can. On social, on email, on your website and everywhere you have a presence.

It is this kind of solution that could tempt those diners who are still hesitant to leave their home and book a table. That has to be worth doing doesn’t it?

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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