Contactless food ordering will remain popular long after COVID

We think it’s fair to say that food ordering and food delivery apps were one of the few winners of the past year. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that people still want to enjoy life even if normal service cannot be resumed.

We think that trend will continue long after the pandemic has passed and normal life, or what will pass for normal life, has resumed.

Part of that will be down to the contactless nature of food delivery. We think this will be a consideration until most memories of COVID have faded.

Delivery and takeaway are here to stay

From discussions with Buzz-it users we have had so far, many people are so used to the convenience of having food delivered, or prepared in advance for takeaway, that they would be unwilling to give it up.

That and the benefit of contactless transactions means deliveries are convenient and safe.

This gives us a valuable insight into the post-COVID landscape.

The good news is that those food businesses who adapted and embraced food delivery and takeaway can continue to thrive even after everything reopens.

While our chats were a tiny sample of our user base, it reflects our own opinion and the opinion of a lot of the industry. We think that food delivery and takeaway are here to stay even after we can accept eat-in orders again.

Apps will continue to provide the contactless convenience along with easy access to delicious food.

Reopening of eat-in dining

That said, we do expect a surge in demand as soon as pubs, cafes and restaurants can open their doors again. We think delivery and takeaway may see a temporary dip in demand while those who want to eat out do so, but we still expect demand to remain high.

As soon as the various forms of lockdown ends, you’re going to have three types of people.

Those who throw all caution to the wind and race to the restaurant. It will be this group that will surge outside as soon as the law allows and will likely reduce their reliance on deliveries.

Those who are so used to eating at home that they keep doing it, or are much more cautious about venturing out. This group may take longer to go outdoors or be so used to staying in and are comfortable with it that they may wait a while.

Finally, you’ll have a mixture of the two. Those who venture out to experience the novelty before going back to old habits. This final group may also wait a while before venturing out and while they enjoy the experience, they find a happy medium between eating out and having food delivered.

We think each of these three groups will continue enjoying food delivery and takeaway even if they also enjoy going out.

12-15 months is a long time to develop a habit and many people we have spoken to are very comfortable with staying in. Especially those that managed to save money or pay off debts while doing it!

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