Common challenges facing food delivery companies and how to overcome them

This week and next we will be covering some of the common challenges new food delivery companies face. We’ll also offer some practical, actionable advice for overcoming them. Everyone here at Buzz-it wants you to be a success and anything we can do to help, we’ll do.

Which is where our blog comes in.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with the tips.

Handwriting orders

How many times have you gone to the pass to call an order only to find you cannot read the handwriting? An order called through on the phone was hurriedly copied down by a staff member while they were juggling services only to be illegible. We have all been there.

Apps are one way to tackle this. Buzz-it provides a digital outline of every order you can use to fulfil deliveries quickly and efficiently. You could also use a POS.

As a new business, you have a lot of expenses to contend with. One of those should be a digital Point of Sale (POS) system. Yes, they are an investment but they can also pay for themselves very quickly!

Buzz-it has its own POS system and we definitely recommend it!

Mixing up delivery, takeaway and eat-in orders

If space is tight, you’re going to mix up orders. No matter how legible the order is, mixing everything up at the pass isn’t going to work out too well.

You could clearly mark orders with their type, use different coloured paper for delivery, takeaway or eat-in or you could have a separate area for each. Much will depend on how much space you have and how you’re working.

We recommend using separate areas of responsibility if you have the space. Staff on delivery orders, staff on takeaway or both and separate staff for eat in. Each has their own responsibilities and areas of working.

If you don’t have the luxury of staff or space, different colour order sheets could work!

Running out of stock during service

As a startup, it’s difficult to manage everything at once while also refining processes, ensuring everyone knows what they are doing and food is going out.

If you don’t already have an integrated POS system that can track stock, using a manual system of hourly checks on ingredients can see you through. Using a simple tally system for daily specials or for proteins can help you manage orders and show staff when you’re running low.

It’s extra hassle in an already frenetic environment but it can be made to work!

Drivers waiting around for food

How many times have you been to a restaurant or takeaway only to see riders or drivers sitting around waiting for orders? They can be unsightly, take away from the atmosphere and steal customer seating.

If possible, have an area out back where drivers can sit, get a drink or wait for their next run. Keep them close but out of the way and keep them out of the weather if at all possible.

Again, this will depend on space and facilities but the more comfortable you can make their wait, the more likely they are to stick around!

We’ll cover more common challenges next week!

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