Common challenges facing food delivery companies and how to overcome them part 2

Last week on the Buzz-it blog, we outlined some of the common challenges faced by food delivery companies. We covered handwritten orders, mixing up delivery and takeaway orders, running out of stock and driving waiting around for deliveries.

This week we’ll tackle some more important challenges these types of business face.

Using multiple food delivery apps

Let’s begin with a challenge that has no simple solution. Having a presence on multiple apps at the same time. Most food businesses need a presence on as many apps as they can to widen the pool of customers and increase visibility.

If you’re using 4 apps, that means 4 different apps, tablets or phones to monitor. It means managing orders separately on each as well as managing the apps themselves.

Using Buzz-it is definitely a good thing but using a Buzz-it POS system is an extra benefit. While it is another device to manage, it means leaving other apps on your phone and having a single place to manage and track orders.

It’s not a solution to using multiple food delivery apps but it should help!

Multiple menus across different apps

If, for some reason, you have published multiple menus across those food delivery apps, you’re in for some fun!

It may be tempting to perform some A/B testing with your menus but we would recommend doing that on a smaller scale. We would also recommend having a single delivery or takeaway menu and copying it across all your food delivery platforms.

That way, when you update your menu, you only need to make changes once and then upload the same menu to all your apps. Less work, less chance of mistakes and less cooking and managing stock and orders for the kitchen!

If you need to perform A/B testing, have open evenings, offer special offers to subscribers or start a loyalty program where participation in testing is sold as a perk.

You’re buried in busier areas

If you’re serving in a large town or city and have hundreds of competitors, you may get buried under them all. Unfortunately, this is another of those challenges that doesn’t have a simple answer.

The only real answer is a social media blitz to get your name out there, email marketing and to differentiate yourself through service.

The food delivery app may not rank according to performance but your customers do. Cement the loyalty of existing customers by delivering excellent service, superb food and fast delivery.

Then let them spread the word about your business while complementing it with your own marketing efforts. It will take time and effort but it’s the only way to succeed in a crowded marketplace.

There are lots of challenges involved in running a food business. Some are simple to overcome while others are not so simple. There is always a way to overcome a challenge and we have shared just a few.

Do you have any challenges or solutions to add? Tell us about them below!

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