Buzz-it – The food ordering app for eat-in dining

Did you know Buzz-it can accept eat-in bookings as well as deliveries and takeaways? Well it can! With the world slowly returning back to normal and restaurants, pubs, cafes and other food businesses gradually opening their doors, or gardens, now is a good time to join.

Not many food ordering apps can cope with eat-in dining. It’s an element of the app we are particularly proud of and something that marks us out from the majority of the competition.

Buzz-it for eat-in dining

Once you open your doors again, either outside or in the dining room, your diners can use the Buzz-it app to order their food while sitting down. You can set your own menu, set dining times and still control everything in the same way, just for dining in instead of dining out.

Diners can browse your eat-in menu in the same way they can order takeaway or delivery. They can order and pay using the app and the order will appear on your POS or phone as usual.

Rather than preparing the food for takeout, you can plate it up and serve it to the table.

It means less work for front of house, more opportunities for distancing and less personal interaction with diners.

As long as your front of house staff make extra efforts to engage diners in other ways, you can maintain the same restaurant atmosphere with far less risk!

Combine eat-in, delivery and takeaway for maximum reach

Buzz-it can handle all three delivery methods with ease. Even when you open your doors fully, offering delivery and takeaway is still important. Some people aren’t going to want to venture out right away and others will be so used to delivery they won’t want to change.

Catering for all those markets can help you maintain a presence in all three sectors and increase profit. What food business doesn’t want that?

Buzz-it is free to use, offers full control of your profile, the freedom to add, move or change menus at will and to manage your own deliveries.

If you use those other food ordering apps, you’ll know how much they can eat into your profits. You don’t get that with Buzz-it. We don’t charge commission. We don’t charge joining fees or administration fees and we don’t do everything we can to reap the rewards of your hard work.

Buzz-it also offers POS systems to make life easier. They do cost money but only to cover our own costs. They can make short work of managing orders and help maintain control of a busy kitchen.

The ability to cater to eat-in customers was a core requirement when we were designing Buzz-it. We wanted to provide a complete food ordering app for food businesses across the country.

As the founder is also a restaurateur, he had huge input into how the app was to work and we think the end result is superb!

Try it yourself and tell us what you think!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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