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Avoid predatory food ordering apps by using Buzz-it

of working and at cooperating to get more done with less cost and less waste.

It seems the mainstream food delivery apps are having none of it.

According to this piece on Food and Wine, despite the global pandemic putting more pressure than ever before on the food industry, food apps are refusing to play their part.

Customer unfriendly food delivery apps

The piece says that despite food businesses being under unprecedented pressure, the main food delivery apps are refusing to help. It cites Grubhub (Seamless), DoorDash (Caviar), Postmates and Uber Eats as responsible but it isn’t difficult to imagine other delivery apps are similar.

By keeping commissions high and making no allowances for the current environment, food delivery apps are turning public opinion against them. Within the industry anyway.

One restaurateur, Deepak Kaul, who owns Bhuna, an Indian restaurant in Portland, Oregon, says that he pays a 27 percent commission fee to Caviar, a 30 percent commission fee to Grubhub, and a 30 percent commission fee to Postmates.

That’s a significant portion of income taken before the restaurant sees any kind of earning from those orders!

Other restaurateurs have a similar story.

Highway robbery

The current climate and government-mandated lockdowns make delivery the only viable way for a food business to stay open right now. Even takeaway is having a hard time in the UK, so delivery really is it.

Deepak Kaul, said it best ‘It’s highway robbery. There is just something so wrong about it.’

The food apps aren’t doing nothing. To be fair, they are making it easier for restaurants to join their apps and are offering to pay daily instead of weekly. There is no mention of lowering their commissions though.

DoorDash and Caviar have waived their signup fees for now but that’s only for new customers.

Captive audience

The mainstream food delivery apps know they have a captive audience. They know full well that many food businesses couldn’t survive without them. Even outside the pandemic, delivery is now so much a part of our lives that running a restaurant without it just doesn’t work for most.

There is another way. A food delivery app that doesn’t charge exorbitant commissions. Who won’t take 20% or 30% of each order for itself.

That other way is Buzz-it.

Buzz-it is a food ordering app where customers can order delivery, takeaway or eat-in (when lockdown allows). We don’t charge a joining fee. We don’t charge high commissions and we won’t stand idly by while food businesses fail.

Buzz-it was launched by a restaurateur for other food businesses. That’s why it’s so good!

Try it yourself, it could be the best business move you make in 2021!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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