Are we really supporting local businesses by using mainstream food delivery apps?

Many people took up using food delivery apps during the pandemic because they believed they were supporting local businesses. With eating in still banned (at the time of writing), takeaway and delivery are the only options for most food businesses.

That gives a lot of power over to the food delivery apps.

But when we order food from our local pub or restaurants using these apps, are we supporting them as much as we think?

Probably not.

Let’s talk about commission

Mainstream food apps charge a commission per order and perhaps a monthly fee and other charges depending on services rendered. Paying a fee to access services is only right and no business denies the app needs to keep the lights on and keep developing.

But does the app really need to charge an average of 30% per order? Sometimes up to 50% per order?

We don’t think so.

We also don’t think the public is aware of just how expensive it is for a food busines to use these food delivery apps.

If they did, we wonder if they would use them. We doubt they would if they know just how much money they took from restaurants, pub and takeaways each month.

We know what we sign up to

When you join one of the big food delivery apps, you usually know what you’re signing up for. Commissions and fees are usually clearly stated and they don’t try to hide how much they charge.

But they don’t tell the end users how much they charge us. We would imagine their attitude would quickly change if they did.

If they realised that a restaurant could be paying 40-50p in every pound in commissions and fees to use these apps, we think they would want change, or want another way.

We think more people would embrace Buzz-it if they knew that food businesses were barely hanging on as it is without having to pay all that out each month to the apps.

Buzz-it food delivery app

Buzz-it doesn’t charge commission. It doesn’t charge joining fees. It doesn’t charge for much at all really.

That’s because it was launched by a restaurateur who was fed up with the commissions and fees charged by other food ordering apps.

You can list your business for free. Add or change your menus for free and use your own delivery driver.

We provide an easy way to enjoy all the benefits of a food delivery app with none of the fees. It’s the right thing to do and the only real way to support local businesses while still enjoying the convenience of home delivery.

If you haven’t joined Buzz-it yet, you really should. It’s growing fast and the more restaurants we feature, the more competitive we will be. Our ambition is to be a genuine competitor to those well known apps and we need your help!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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