3 steps to food delivery menu writing success

Writing a menu for your food delivery business will either come easily or be much more difficult. Either way, there are some insider tricks you can use to improve the appeal of your menu.

Our background in restaurants and hospitality means the Buzz-it team has lots of ideas that can help a business sell more using just their menu.

Here are just three of those ideas.

1.   Longer descriptions sell more

While space is limited on a menu, adding a few more words to dish descriptions can help your bottom line.

For example, ‘fresh sirloin steak’ may sound nice, but it depends on you already having an appetite for a steak.

Write ‘fresh grass-fed Aberdeen Angus sirloin steak seared over hot coals until succulent and tender’ is going to create the appetite as well as fulfil it.

You are far better off writing good descriptions than you are including images of food!

2.   Use emotive language

Your choice of words can have an impact on your success too. As the example above showed, using words like ‘succulent’ or ‘seared’ are emotive.

They provoke an image in your head of a juicy steak being cooked over flames, the smell of charred meat and the sound of sizzling steak. All from a couple of words.

There are emotive works for every type of cuisine. Your job is to find the most effective terms and weave them into your menu.

Your other job is to use enough emotion to sell the dish but not so many that they annoy the reader or make them tired of seeing them!

3.   Use a thesaurus

Using the same words over and over again in a menu will make everything sound the same. That’s not what sells food.

You need to use as wide a vocabulary as possible to describe each dish accurately without using the same terms all over the place.

A dictionary and thesaurus can help immeasurably with that. There are dozens of ways to say something and the more variety you use, the more engaging you become.

If you can’t do it, hire someone who can. Your menu is your main gateway to attracting customers when using a food delivery app so you need to use every trick in the book to get it right.

Getting your menu right is a tough ask. It’s the core of your business. Your shop window and the main way people will engage with you through Buzz-it.

Taking the time and effort to get it right could genuinely mean the difference between success or failure!

Buzz-it is available for Android and iOS. Sign your business up to Buzz-it here.

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