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How to add a menu to your Google My Business page

Google My Business is a free and easy way to get your business noticed. Get it right and your business could begin appearing in Google searches, with the obvious benefit. As a food business, it could help if you featured a menu on your Google My Business page. That’s what today’s post is all about.

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How to offer contactless food delivery with Buzz-it

Even though we’re coming out of a pandemic, people are still hesitant about going back to the way things were. Some of the many societal changes we experienced were for the better, so who would want to change back anyway? One remaining habit is contactless transactions. That’s what we’re tackling today. How to offer contactless

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Swap boring office lunches for food deliveries with Buzz-it

Now Britain is on its way back to some semblance of normality, thoughts naturally turn to how the world and the workplace has changed over the past 18 months. Some things have changed because they had to. Some things should change because we want them to. One thing in that latter camp is office lunches.

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Fuel your staff with Buzz-it food delivery

Now the country has passed Freedom Day and employers are slowly welcoming staff back into the workplace, our thoughts turn to how we will be working in the future. The team here at Buzz-it is as excited as anyone to see hospitality opening up fully and embracing the brave new world. One key characteristic going

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How to start a popup restaurant

Did you know Buzz-it can handle eat-in dining as well as takeaway and delivery? It can! That makes it ideal for popup restaurants. In situations where speed and flexibility are key, having an app that can handle delivery, takeaway, eat-in dining and even room service offers significant advantages. What is a popup restaurant? Popup restaurants

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The quick guide to ghost kitchens and Buzz-it

Despite lockdown now being over and restaurants, pubs and bars opening up again, the food delivery revolution remains as strong as ever. People are no longer ordering food delivered because they have to, but because they want to. That’s why we’re seeing a marked increase in ghost kitchens and the use of Buzz-it. We have

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How to offer free delivery on food orders without losing money

Charging for delivery is a controversial subject in food delivery, or any delivery in fact. Some accept that delivery charges are the price of convenience while others think it should be included in the price. We here at Buzz-it are in the latter camp. We know that shipping charges are a significant cause of cart

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Is a bigger food delivery menu better?

The Buzz-it team had a long discussion with a restaurateur friend of ours the other day around menus. Our position is that a smaller menu offers more advantages than a longer one. The restaurateur’s view was that a larger menu has a higher chance of having a dish customers want, so was better. We agreed

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How to avoid delivering the wrong food order

Whether you’re running a ghost kitchen or offering delivery as part of your restaurant, few things are more annoying than delivering the wrong order. It annoys the customer because they didn’t get what they asked for and it annoys the food business because they have to refire a new order and put the wrong one

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