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How to offer food delivery the right way

We have seen hundreds of food business start over lockdown and have welcomed a good portion of them to Buzz-it. The majority of them have arrived and got everything right. A few, not so much. As we want everyone who joins Buzz-it to do well, we have put together a few tips to help your

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Top tips for writing delivery menu descriptions

There are a wide range of trigger words you can use on your delivery menu that can increase the popularity of dishes. Some phrases are very popular with diners that then feed into buying trends. We’re going to share a few of those with you today. The Buzz-it team has put together this quick guide

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How to optimise images for food delivery apps

‘A picture paints a thousand words’. With apps like Instagram and Snapchat dominating social, this is the era of the image. They are a powerful inducement you can use to encourage people to order and work well with food delivery apps. If you’re a chef and not a photographer, how can you optimize your images

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Key challenges facing food delivery businesses in 2021

There are many challenges facing the hospitality industry right now, some are within our control and some are not. Those that are within our control are what we’re concentrating on today. We asked some Buzz-it users what they thought provided challenges when they were first setting up. Here is what they said. Order taking A

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Social media post ideas for food delivery businesses

As Buzz-it has been covering marketing and social media for food delivery businesses recently, we thought we would build on that and provide some effective post ideas you could use. Our own social media team has a range of tools available for maximising social media reach. We want you to have the same advantages we

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Three consumer habits to build into your food delivery business

If you’re setting up a food delivery business or are adapting to include delivery in your mix, monitoring consumer habits is essential. Tastes change faster than ever and not keeping up can mean being left behind. As part of our campaign to keep you informed, Buzz-it monitors consumer habits constantly. That’s what today’s post is

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Growing a social media presence for your food business

We spoke earlier this week about ways to market your food business and mentioned social media. As one of the cheapest, most accessible and most effective ways to market a business, we thought we would spend a little more time on the subject. Using Buzz-it alongside a coherent social media marketing campaign can genuinely transform

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Five business marketing tips to promote food delivery

If you’re a new Buzz-it user or are thinking of joining, you should already be benefitting from a much wider pool of customers and a wider market reach. But should you depend on a single solution for your success? We think not. We think it’s vital that you explore every channel possible to maximise opportunities.

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Will the food delivery boom soon go bust?

We read an interesting piece online last week asking whether the food delivery boom we saw over the past couple of years will soon turn into a bust. While the piece leaned towards an eventual bust, we have to disagree. We think Buzz-it and other responsible food delivery apps will continue growing even now the

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