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The pros and cons of food ordering services

Food delivery was already on the rise before the pandemic. The whole on-demand industry was surging thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. It has always been a growth industry and the pandemic just accelerated that. So what will happen after COVID? We believe nothing will change. Food ordering apps like Buzz-it offer the convenience

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What do customers want from their food delivery?

We came across an interesting study the other day while surfing the internet. It’s a US study that asked customers what they wanted from food deliveries. While the US and UK markets have their differences, our change in behaviour due to the pandemic has brought us more into line. We consider the two markets to

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Why your restaurant needs to embrace delivery

If you have managed to survive the various lockdowns without embracing food delivery for your restaurant, you’re one of the lucky few. Even with light at the end of the tunnel, food delivery is still a good idea and there are some good reasons why you should consider including it as soon as you can.

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Food Delivery

The absurdity of mainstream food delivery apps

If you’re a regular reader of the Buzz-it news blog, you will know that we developed it to answer the unfairness inherent in mainstream food delivery apps. The high fees, high commissions and sometimes absurd conditions they put on working with them. This week we found another absurdity that shows just how far these apps

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Should we expect customers to tip food delivery drivers?

The British have an uncomfortable relationship with tipping. We are known throughout the world as bad tippers, yet we are also known throughout the world has having a high intolerance for unfairness. So, this begs the question, should we expect customers to tip our food delivery drivers? With food delivery apps on the rise and

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Use Buzz-it to support delivery drivers

We have all heard the stories of delivery drivers from some food delivery apps and their stories of woe. We have all seen the news of lawsuits trying to get employee rights and to stop certain app companies taking advantage. We want that to stop and we want you to use Buzz-it to help stop

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