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3 steps to food delivery menu writing success

Writing a menu for your food delivery business will either come easily or be much more difficult. Either way, there are some insider tricks you can use to improve the appeal of your menu. Our background in restaurants and hospitality means the Buzz-it team has lots of ideas that can help a business sell more

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Mistakes to avoid when starting a food delivery business part 2

Last week we covered some common mistakes new food delivery businesses make. We covered food quality, order errors, poor customer service and inaccurate delivery times. Arguably the most important errors any business can make, but not the only ones. Here are other errors the Buzz-it team come across that can impact how successful a business

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Mistakes to avoid when starting a food delivery business

While the food delivery industry is still growing at pace, standards are still high and expectations even higher. A good business that isn’t focused on delivering the best quality and value isn’t going to last long as the competition is just too fierce. With that in mind, we looked at some of the food businesses

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Essential features any food delivery app needs to succeed

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of food delivery apps out there all vying for your attention. But which should you use? While we are obviously biased, we think Buzz-it is an obvious choice. But what should your food delivery app include to make it worth using? We think a food delivery app needs: A usable

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Can you make a profitable business from food delivery?

With the country opening up again and restaurants now booked for weeks, is there still a place for food delivery? Is it still a viable way to make a profit? The Buzz-it team asked some food delivery companies we know whether there is still money to be made in the industry. This is what they

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Top menu design ideas for food delivery startups part 2

Today we continue our top tips for designing menus when you’re a food delivery startup. So far, we have covered scannability, layout, categorisation, fonts, images and allergens. Today the Buzz-it team tackles some more tips for designing your menu. Use a copywriter or creative text If you shouldn’t use images in a food delivery menu,

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Top menu design ideas for food delivery startups

If you’re planning to start a food delivery company, first, welcome! Second, getting your menu right is something you need to master. Both of this week’s blog posts are dedicated to help you get your menu right. Menu design is something the Buzz-it team have some experience in, as we began in restaurants. So, we’re

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Tips for setting up a new food delivery business post-pandemic

Food delivery has taken the UK by storm and shows no sign of slowing down. Even when restaurants, pubs and bars are reopening, delivery still offers convenience and cost-effectiveness. Two things we want from our food. If you’re planning to set up a food delivery business to take advantage of this new way of consuming

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